Kent State Ashtabula and A-Tech Create New Pathway towards Technology Careers

Kent State Ashtabula and A-Tech partner to help those pursuing computer degrees

ASHTABULA, Ohio (January 6, 2017) — Solidifying the relationship between Kent State University at Ashtabula and Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus (A-Tech), the institutions have approved bilateral articulation agreements that will provide seamless educational pathways for students wishing to pursue degrees in the high-demand field of technology.  These agreements create uniform requirements for a student moving from A-Tech’s Programming and Software Development program to Kent State Ashtabula’s Computer Technology degrees.  These agreements will help students avoid course duplication and shorten the time to degree completion. In the process, they will help address the needs of both employees and employers by building a pipeline of skilled, talented workers for promising careers.

There are a variety of opportunities for students to earn articulated credit at Kent State Ashtabula from the Programming and Software Development program at A-Tech. The programs that have the potential to receive credit at Kent State Ashtabula are the Associate of Applied Business in Computer Technology in the following concentrations:  General Technology, Network Technology and Application Development Technology.  The development of these new articulation agreements stemmed from the desire to create more opportunities for students to have early access to degree completion while promoting local education institutions.  By providing a unified pathway to a Computer Technology degree, Kent State Ashtabula and A-Tech are increasing students’ opportunities to pursue technology careers, while also responding to industry’s workforce needs. 

For more information contact Kent State Ashtabula at 440-964-4217 or A-Tech at 440-576-6015

POSTED: Monday, January 23, 2017 - 2:07pm
UPDATED: Friday, February 3, 2017 - 3:44pm
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