Use These 9 Tactics to Effectively Influence Others

POSTED: Nov. 02, 2016

Program ParticipantDo you ever wish people would just do what you asked and that you could get people to follow through on their part of the project? Maybe you wish you could get your point across better, or perhaps you have trouble saying no? The solution to all of these situations is learning how to influence others well.

Presenting a Persuasive Business Case

POSTED: Jul. 27, 2016

Program ParticipantA problem has been reoccurring for years. Everyone agrees it is time to stop talking about it and finally implement a solution. Yet, every time a solution is presented to decision-makers, the idea is met with resistance and no action is taken. Once this situation has happened a number of times, people who were creative thinkers and enthusiastic problem-solvers have now become complacent and silent.