UAV Training and Part 107 Testing

Drone (sUAS) Seminar: Getting FAA Part 107 Certification

Receive hands-on training mixed with part 107 test prep to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) test with confidence. Certified Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilots and certified flight instructor Jason Lorenzon, JD ATP, will teach a seminar geared toward professionals interested in using UAVs within their industry. Participants will train at Kent State University among peers in a four-day course. Attendees receive instruction to prepare prior to attending the class to ensure success on the written exam.

Time: TBD
Days: 3 Day Training Course
Place: Kent State University
Class size: 20 participants
Cost: $799 per student
FAA Test Fee: Approximately $175 * Separate cost from course
Faculty: Kent State University, College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Suggested Testing Centers: 
Cleveland/ 1501 Marginal Road or
Stow/ Kent State University Airport 4020 Kent Road

Training is for: Professionals who would like to learn how to fly a UAV for use in industry, hobbyists, high school students age 16 and older, or entrepreneurs looking to earn money using UAVs.