Career Readiness Checklist

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Career Exploration and Development
261 Schwartz Center

Use this checklist for choosing and affirming a career path and preparing for your job search!


□ I have considered what is important to me in my career and life.
□ I understand the need for self-reflection because I realize I am my own best resource in the career planning process.
□ I have identified my strongest abilities and skills.
□ I am aware of my weaknesses.
□ I have identified the personal values that define the ways I find purpose and meaning.
□ I have identified my interests.
□ I can describe my preferred work environment.
□ I have thought about the type of lifestyle I want.
□ I can articulate experiences and achievements that clarify a pattern of interests/abilities that are relevant to my career.□ I have a personal definition of success.

Knowledge of Employers and Careers

□ I have focused my career choices and researched these fields using a variety of current career/employer information.
□ I have conducted an informational interview with at least one person in each of the career fields I am considering.
□ I have sought the wisdom of those I trust to provide input on my career aspirations.
□ I have decided on a career field and have declared a major that is complimentary.
□ I have started to develop a broad list of job titles to research.
□ I have developed a well-defined career objective that focuses my job search on particular organizations/employers.
□ I have participated in internships, extra-curricular, or volunteer activities that relate to my chosen career.
□ I have crafted a career plan to support me in reaching my goal.

Knowledge of Job Search Strategies

□ I can answer an employer's question, "Why should I hire you?" with hard evidence.
□ I know how to network effectively.
□ I have asked individuals to serve as professional references.
□ I have taken advantage of the Career Services Center's resources.
□ I have written an effective resume and cover letter and asked for expert feedback.
□ I have established a professional online presence through LinkedIn and other social media.
□ I know where to search for jobs targeted to my specific field of interest.
□ I have prepared for job interviews by completing a mock interview.
□ I know how to follow up after a job interview.
□ I know how to write a thank you letter.
□ I know how to negotiate a job offer.