Choose Your Career Path-2

1. Define Situation

What is your goal?  Example: "I want to determine my career focus."

2. Gather Facts

Gather accurate data about careers/majors to inform your decision. 

  • There are numerous career paths within any given career field. For example, an accountant can work in a large accounting firm, have his/her own business, or be the only accountant in an industry completely different from the accounting field. 
  • While some majors relate directly to a specific career and the training, licensure, or certification required for the profession, most majors prepare you for a variety of career paths.  Discover the facts about careers in:
     What Can I Do With This Major? 
    • MyPlan's What Can I Do With a Major In?
  • Work within your decision-making style as you conduct research. Your style can be determined by how you make decisions (spontaneously or systematically), and where (internally or externally). Gain insight into your style by completing:  
    • Discover Your Decision-Making Style