As part of the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant program, we seek to formalize our partnerships with companies and organizations who hire our students as interns.  In doing so, and using the Great Lakes grant funds, we can support undergraduate internships for juniors and seniors, up to $1500 ($10/hour for 150 hours) in year 1, up to  $1350 ($9/hour for 150 hours) in year 2, and $1200 ($8/hour for 150 hours) in year 3. 

 The awarded funds may be used to help businesses pay salaries for interns as well as providing stipends to students to support costs related to travel.  We must also match our awards, so any amount paid in salary above that being reimbursed will count as cost-share towards the project.  Beyond our current process for advertising to students and hiring interns, the additional investment for your organization is minimal, but the return is great. 

 To demonstrate a willingness to partner, we are seeking a simple letter of commitment link here indicating the tentative number of internships you plan to make available between 2015-2018 and an estimated wage.  A template for this letter is attached.  Once an intern is hired and completes his/her experience, you will complete a reimbursement request from our grant’s accounting office for the amount of wages up to the allowable maximum.  As with all internships, we will require the completion of a student intern hiring form and evaluation.

 We hope you are able to support our grant activity, as we believe this is a mutually beneficial partnership by providing funds for current and future internships to support business operations while also providing excellent real world business experiences for our students.  If you have questions regarding the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program, please contact  Ms. Kristin L. Williams, Director  of the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant, (kwill100@kent.edu).  

We look forward to many continued internships with your organization and Kent State University.