Internship, Co-op, and Career Fair Prep

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Career Exploration and Development
261 Schwartz Center

Why Should I Attend?

Everyone can benefit from going to an Internship, Co-op & Career Fair. It’s a great opportunity to collect a lot of information about a variety of internships and professional positions in a very short period of time. You can learn more about organizations, and what kinds of positions exist. They also present the best opportunity to get one-on-one face time to network, develop contacts, and sell yourself to recruiters.

Before You Go

  1. Research Organizations Attending. Check our website to see who is coming; then go their websites, look at their open position(s), read press releases and news reports to see if they are a good fit.

  2. Polish Your Resume. Come into a drop-in session to have a Career Advisor look at your resume. Review our Quick Guide (…).

  3. State These Goals in Objective of Resume. Why are you attending the event, and what do you hope to get out of it? An internship? A full-time position? Etc.

  4. Practice Your Elevator Pitch. Prepare a 30-60 second introduction about yourself, highlighting your name, school, major, the type of position you seek, and why you are interested in the organization. More tips can be located here: LaunchNet will also be at the fair in the Student Resource Area if you want to practice with someone before hitting the employer floor.

What to Wear and Bring

  1. Dress to Impress. Plan on wearing a suit, if possible. No flashy jewelry or shoes. Hair should be groomed. Tattoos should be covered. Avoid heavy makeup and strong perfume or aftershave. Book bags should be left at home. The Career Closet will also be present at the fair if you need any additional professional attire.

  2. Carry a Simple Portfolio for Resumes. Bring plenty of copies of your resume, as you may speak to more organizations then you planned to.

During the Fair

  1. Check-in and Get Your Nametag. Check-in stations will be at the entrance of the Rec. Locate organizations

    you want to speak with to maximize your time. Get your nametag and place it below your right shoulder.

  2. Make a STRONG First Impression. This includes making eye contact, a firm handshake, possessing a smile and pleasant demeanor, and being positive, friendly, and conversational. Career Advisors will be in attendance for last-minute questions and assistance!

  3. Don’t Travel in Groups. This isn’t a social event; it’s a chance for you to market yourself as a future employee.

  4. Ask for Contact Information. Ask for the business card of the person you spoke with, and who you should contact within their organization after the event.

  5. Ask Appropriate Questions. Be ready to ask intelligent questions during the conversation. DO NOT bring up issues related to salary and benefits until the employer initiates these topics.

  6. Be Organized. Gather business cards and brochures obtained and make notes on organizations you visited. This will help when you are contacted, and questions arise.

After the Fair

  1. Follow-Up. Send thank you notes to employers you met with within 24-48 hours. Thank them for their time,

    and mention you hope to hear from them soon.

  2. Apply. Complete the online application for the companies that showed an interest in you or you in them.

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