Reasons for Application Rejection

You weren't prepared for the interview

  • Did not ask questions
  • Evaded or hedged answering questions
  • Unable to match skills/experiences with key job duties
  • Did not research the organization

You did not convince them you were truly interested in the job

  • Couldn't sell yourself to the employer
  • Demonstrated little enthusiasm for position
  • Didn't ask for the job
  • Seemed more interested in what the job can do for you (salary, days off, benefits)

Poor Interviewing skills

  • Questionable appearance, voice diction, grammar
  • Late for interview
  • Unable to handle silence
  • Talked too much, rambled
  • Failed to answer questions asked
  • Poor eye contact, posture, extreme nervousness
  • Lacked courtesy/proper etiquette
  • Condemnation of former job, boss, or co-workers

Lack of Career Direction

  • Unclear purpose/career goals
  • Unwilling to start at the bottom
  • Questionable work history