Steps in a Successful Employment Search

1. Know what you want

2. Polish tools & skills

3. Plan your search & Stay Productive

  • Establish a timeline and system to keep track of your activities.
  • Complete an internship and volunteer to gain networking contacts and experience.
  • Join networking organizations and connect with KSU Alumni.
  • Consider continuing your education or obtaining specialized training.

4. Locate Positions

  • Attend Internship, Co-op & Career Fairs on campus.
  • HANDSHAKE:  Apply to positions posted by employers targeting the KSU talent pool. On-campus student positions and graduate assistantships are posted by departments across all eight campuses. Register NOW and upload your resume!
  • Visit our favorite employment search websites.
  • If unable to locate full-time employment, utilize temp agencies to get your foot in the door for long-term opportunities.

5. Check Application Status

  • Follow up in a couple weeks to ask: What is the status of my application, what is your timeline for filling the position and can I provide any additional information?