Teacher Interview Questions

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Career Exploration and Development
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50 Teacher Interview Questions

  1. Why did you decide to enter the field of teaching?

  2. What is your philosophy of education?

  3. What is your educational preparation?

  4. Which grade level would you prefer? Why?

  5. What are your professional experiences?

  6. What is the role of the teacher in the classroom?

  7. What is the role of a teacher’s aide in the classroom?

  8. How would you describe your last principal?

  9. What qualities do you have that make you an effective teacher?

  10. How do you stimulate active participation in the classroom?

  11. How would you use parents in the classroom?

  12. What have you found to be the toughest aspect of discipline?

  13. What principles do you use to motivate students?

  14. Describe your most difficult student discipline situation and how you handled it.

  15. What professional development topics interest you the most?

  16. Describe effective teaching techniques that result in intended learning.

  17. What are your career goals five years from now? Ten years from now?

  18. What is the most important issue facing the field of education today?

  19. What is the most exciting thing happening in your field of study?

  20. Describe the physical appearance of your classroom.

  21. Describe an ideal curriculum in your area of study.

  22. Describe independent study projects your students have completed.

  23. If you could choose to teach any concept in your area, which would you select? Why?

  24. What rules have you established for your classroom?

  25. How do you structure your class to achieve maximum benefit from student/teacher contact?

  26. Describe the format you use to develop a lesson.

  27. What should schools do for students?

  28. How have you emphasized the development of basic skills?

  29. How do you handle the different ability levels of students in classes?

  30. How would your students describe you?

  31. In what professional organizations do you hold memberships?

  32. How would your colleagues describe you?

  33. How have you recently improved your professional skills?

  34. What are your plans for future improvement of professional skills?

  35. What is the toughest aspect of teaching today?

  36. What is the role of homework?

  37. What has been your most positive teaching experience? Most negative?

  38. How have you contributed toward the development of the total school program in your current position?

  39. What activities will you sponsor if you are hired for this position?

  40. What is your system for evaluating student work?

  41. What would be the ideal philosophy of a school for you?

  42. Why is your field important for a student to study?

  43. How would you handle a student who is a consistent behavioral problem in your class?

  44. How would your last principal describe you?

  45. How would you handle a student sleeping in your class?

  46. What would you do if a student has been absent from your class for several days?

  47. What provisions have you made for the gifted?

  48. How have you communicated student progress to parents?

  49. What do you know about our school district? What do you know about our community?

  50. Why should our district hire you?