Virtual Career Week Employer Registration Instructions

You must have an approved Handshake Employer Account to register for Virtual Career Week hosted by Kent State University.

(If your organization already has an existing Handshake Employer Account, proceed to the "How to Search and Register for Virtual Career Week" section.)

How to Register for Handshake

  1. To create a new Employer Account, navigate to Handshake Employer Registration
  2. Follow these steps for How to Create an Employer Account
  3. Request to connect with each Northern Ohio Consortium for Career Advancement (NCCA) institution that has been invited to participate:
    1. Kent State University
      1. Once you have requested to connect with Kent State University, email Allison Smolinski at for expedited account approval.
    2. University of Akron
    3. Baldwin Wallace University
    4. Case Western Reserve University
    5. Cleveland State University
    6. John Carroll University
    7. University of Mount Union
    8. Oberlin College
    9. Walsh University
    10. Youngstown State University
  4. You will receive a notification letting you know when each institution has approved your Employer Account request

How to Search and Register for Virtual Career Week

  1. Log into Handshake and confirm you're viewing your homepage:

    A screenshot of the Handshake dashboard page

  2. "Virtual Career Week hosted by Kent State University" may be featured on your Handshake homepage, otherwise, follow these instructions to Search for a Career Fair.
  3. Virtual events take many forms. Read through all details on the registration page so that you fully understand the format and expectations for Virtual Career Week. There are several video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and webinars that we recommend you reference prior to registering.
  4. BEFORE clicking "+Register" you must post one or more positions that you plan to recruit for during Virtual Career Week.
    1. This video outlines all requirements and guidelines for the positions you post as part of Virtual Career Week.
  5. Once your position(s) are posted, you can now click "+Register" on the fair page.

Registration Steps

  1. A Message from Kent State University
    1. You will once again be reminded, at the top of the screen, that you must have positions posted (see Step 4 in How to Search and Register for Virtual Career Week above) before you complete your registration.
  2. Booth Options
    1. Booth Type: There is only one Booth Type to select as Virtual Career Week is entirely FREE for all participants
    2. Representatives: Please list at least one representative and their contact information. This individual will serve as our point of contact for your organization in the event that we have comments or questions before, during, or after Virtual Career Week.
    3. Extra Items: There are no extra items associated with this fair.
  3. General Items
    1. There are no general or extra items associated with this fair.
  4. Basic Information
    1. Company Description, Registration Division, Billing Address: Most of these will be imported directly from your organization's Handshake profile, but you are welcome to edit as you wish.
  5. Looking For
    1. Jobs on Handshake: This is a mandatory part of your registration. You must include link(s) to the position(s) that you set up in Handshake specifically for Virtual Career Week. Start typing the relevant job title(s) in the open text box and link as many as are applicable. See Step 4 in How to Search and Register for Virtual Career Week above for instructions and guidelines around how your posting should be formatted.
    2. Do any of the positions that you are hiring for require work authorization?: This is a mandatory component. Select whichever applies to your organization.
    3. Major Groups: You are welcome to select major groups but we do not recommend selecting individual majors as multiple universities are participating in the fair and each of them have their own naming conventions for programs and majors.
    4. Employment Types, Job Types, School years: Make whatever selections you prefer. Complete as many of these sections as possible since applicants will not be able to ask you live clarification questions.
  6. Payment
    1. Payment Method: Your selection is required but does not make a difference.  This is a FREE event. There is no refund policy because this is a FREE event but you must click the agreement.
  7. Final Survey
    1. There are a few required survey questions at the end of your registration. Kent State has transitioned to a Career Community model in order to help students and alumni explore the full spread of opportunities available to them. Your response to the Career Community question will be used to entice students to participate in their fair and engage with your organization.
  8. Once you click "Create Registration", Kent State will receive your pending registration. Your registration and positions will undergo a brief review and the Kent State team will either approve your registration or contact you with further questions.