Designer, New York City

Emily Prusak | Visual Communication Design | Class of 2018 

New York City-based designer Emily Prusak always had an interest in pursuing a career that channeled her creative side. Both Kent State and graphic design felt like a perfect fit to her.

Shortly after graduation, the alumna of Kent State’s visual communication design program moved to New York City and quickly began her career as a graphic designer. Emily currently works at Aruliden, a branding and industrial design studio in New York City.

“Kent State gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in design and the ability to think critically about my work,” she says. Her diverse portfolio and various design experiences allowed her to start a career in a new city.

Visual Communication Design Major

The courses at Kent State allowed Emily to explore her creative mindset. After completing a semester-long branding project for a sustainable clothing company, which combined skills from her minor in photography with her design experience, she grew as a designer.

And during her senior year, her work was showcased in the senior show in Taylor Hall’s gallery.

“It was a great way to wrap up my time at Kent. It was incredibly rewarding to create something with my peers that we were all very proud of.”

During her time as a student, Emily took advantage of many extracurricular opportunities. She was part of A Magazine, Glyphix, Ideabase and worked as a designer for Residential Services.

“These experiences were invaluable for job hunting for my first job after school.”

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