Angela Gartner

“This degree program and my final project has revitalized my love for journalism and the desire to help the future generations to take the industry to the next level. It has strengthened my resolve to provide young journalists, whether in the classroom or in my freelance network, with opportunities to thrive in the field.”

Angela Gartner  | M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication

Current job: Editor/Content Director at Northeast Ohio Parent magazine

Angela Gartner is super enthusiastic about her time here at Kent State University. She said, "Kent State University was always my dream school. So, I was delighted to learn I could do this online master's program with a concentration in journalism education. My goal was to continue my work as a journalist and editor, but also teach in higher education." It was important to her to find a program with real-world instruction that she could apply directly to her workplace. "I felt the program did just that for both my journalism and educator roles."

It wasn't always easy, either. Angela found it challenging to juggle a busy journalism career, her home life and her studies. Then in the middle of Angela's pursuit of the degree, the COVID-19 pandemic began. "It was especially difficult," she recalls of that time. "I am grateful for Kent State University and its support during that challenging year."

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But there were immediate payoffs. With certain course content, Angela was able to take what she learned and apply it immediately in her role as an editor/content director and a communications adjunct professor. "The coursework made me into a stronger journalist, designer and columnist," she said, explaining her growth in confidence in that field as well as in higher education as a teacher at a state university.

Angela continues, "As a member of the media, I sometimes feel stressed about the direction of the journalism profession," but "I also feel I have gained more future opportunities and connections within the education and journalism community. As a content director and editor, I love that I can work with seasoned professionals and young journalists to help them share stories of our communities and readers."

In researching, interviewing, writing and design, Angela feels the program polished her skills as a journalist and media professional. As an example, she revamped her monthly editorial columns' feel and tone with the skills she learned from the degree program. She says, "I believe the editorial is presented in a way that gives a better, more informed reader experience." And the program has also helped her learn how to be a teacher in higher education. 

Advice for future graduate students:

“The professors have a lot of knowledge about the media industry. They know how to instruct students on best journalism teaching practices, but also how to become a better media professional. My advice is to embrace what you've learned as each class provides valuable tools which can be applied directly to the classroom or media profession. Also, as early as possible, start thinking about your final project and connect with professors who can help shape its direction with the content you are learning. Find a project that keeps journalism education through future generations.”

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