Jeremiah Nordholt

“My career outlook has definitely changed. I feel more confident in my understanding of the field and have grown my network."

Jeremiah Nordholt  | M.A. or M.F.A. Visual Communication Design

Current job: Graduate Student

Graduate student in the Visual Communication Design program, Jeremiah Norholdt was interested in teaching graphic design, which is what led him to Kent State University's acclaimed program. As part of both the graduate and undergraduate degree programs, students put on shows in Taylor Hall's second floor gallery.

"Though recent," Jeremiah said, "I feel a moment I am very proud of is collaboratively organizing a grad student gallery show. The second-year grad students and I have been working to put together a showcase of our work in Taylor Hall opening on April 4th."

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And how has his experience so far changed Jeremiah? "My career outlook has definitely changed," he said. "I feel more confident in my understanding of the field and have grown my network."

He continues, "Environment is one of the most important parts of finding the right place to work. Having people to lean on and talk to candidly is a far more rewarding experience than working on great things in a bad setting."

Advice for future graduate students:

“Don't wait to question what your goal is. Be critical of yourself as a designer, if you are in the undergrad VCD program and aren't sure of where you are going yet, grad school forces you to figure that out.”

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