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CCI Brand Style Guide

The Kent State University College of Communication and Information Brand Style Guide is your one-stop resource for logos, brand assets, colors and more.  

University-Level Brand Assets

University Style Sample

These assets are global to the entire university and are open to use by any department.  University Communications & Marketing provides online access to the official university brand assets and style guide.  This includes:

Kent State logos, Icons, Voice/Tone, Vector Graphics and Overlays, Color Palette, Fonts and Slide Templates

View Kent State Brand & Style Guide

University Photography

Photography should work to reflect the university and college's tone words. Photographs should show active and engaged students, faculty and staff. They should demonstrate diversity and inclusively.  

The university has a collective photo archive that can assist you in gathering photos for use in brand materials.  Please contact if you would like access to download full-resolution photos from the archive.

Access University Photo Archive

College-Level Brand Assets

In addition to the university-level brand assets and style guide, UCM provides a style guide including logo and graphic assets, for use on marketing materials for the College of Communication and Information (as well as our five schools).

View CCI Brand Style Guide

College Photography Archive

Visit the CCI online photo archive for college, school, department and event photos for use in college branded publications.

Visit the CCI Photo Archive

College Logos

College Logo Representation

These logos display the College of Communication and Information in combination with the Kent State logo.  There are also alternate logos with the college name in combination with the school names, for use in special cases.

Logos for are available in EPS, JPG and PNG formats. They are available in 4-color cmyk or one-and two-color pms versions for commercial printing. As a rule EPS format works best with commercial printing and screen printing. JPG works well with Microsoft Office and PNG with web media.  Logos are available in university blue and yellow, white and university yellow (for dark backgrounds), university blue, black and reversed to white (for dark backgrounds).  Official logos should not be printed in any other color variation, stretched or distorted.

View/Download College Logos

School Logos

School Logo Samples

These logos display the School name in combination with the Kent State logo.  This includes the schools of Communication Studies, Digital Sciences, Information, Journalism and Mass Communication and Visual Communication Design

View/Download CCI School Logos

Unit, Office and Center Logos

CCI unit Logo Examples

These logos display CCI-affiliated units, offices and centers in combination with the Kent State logo.  

View/Download CCI Unit Logos

As entrepreneurial units of the college, IdeaBase and Glyphix have alternate branding and logos that may be used.  Visit the IdeaBase/Glyphix style guide.

CCI Social Media Avatars

CCI Social

The college has compiled a set of social media avatars for use as the profile photo on most social media.  When setting the graphic as your avatar, please avoid cropping or zooming in on the icon.  Extra space has been already added around the icon to avoid any cropping when the icon is automatically converted to a circle by most social networks.

View/Download CCI Social Avatars

CCI Colors

In addition to the official university color palette, an extended palette of colors is available for use in CCI college and school communications.  These include:

    Kent LT Tan:  CMYK 15, 11, 17, 6  or  RGB 215, 214, 205
    Kent LT Yellow:  CMYK 7,0,72,0   or  RGB 241, 236, 106
    Kent LT Blue: CMYK 69, 1, 9, 0  or  RGB 23, 189, 222

These colors are commonly used together as gradients.   You can download the gradient and color swatches for use in InDesign or Photoshop below.

Download CCI Color Swatches

CCI Icons, Graphics and Textures

In addition to the official university vector graphics, an extended set of vector icons and textures is available for use in CCI college and school communications. These elements should be seen as the building blocks of the College of Communication and Informations’ marketing look and feel. Together they form the design vernacular for CCI and should be used to build layouts, create presentations and add personality to existing templates.  Icons are to be used as visual accents that can indicate direction, transition and growth and accent photography or headlines within the layout, without overpowering them.

Download CCI Graphics & Textures

CCI Templates & Example Documents

UCM has provided examples of how brand assets may be used together in combination.  A PowerPoint template has also been developed.

Download CCI Templates & Examples