Maddy Smith

Maddy Smith, '25 (she/her)

Visual Communication Design Major 

Maddy Smith is a junior Visual Communication Design Major aiming to use her classroom and extracurricular experiences to further her creative mind. 

As a member of Kent State Esports, Maddy has gained a passion for creative design in the gaming industry, while continuing to enjoy one of her favorite hobbies. Maddy’s involvement in the Art and Design for Games club has also fueled this passion, as she has been able to learn more about game and graphic design. She is also involved in Kent State Anime Society and Japanese Culture Exchange, allowing her to meet other students that share the same interest as her, as well as being exposed to different cultural traditions. 

After graduation, Maddy hopes to work as a graphic designer, pairing excellently with her favorite hobbies. 

“My favorite things about being in VCD are getting to learn more about design, meeting a lot of great people, and getting to experience other subjects I may enjoy related to Graphic Design. VCD offers a lot more than just one subject, which allows me to gain more experience and skills that will help me achieve my goals as a Graphic Designer.”

Maddy plans on minoring in Advertising. Her favorite classes have been Photography, Typography I, and Design Illustration Techniques.