The Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection

All That The River Reveals: Photograph by George M. Donaldson

Wheat Field: Painting by Mark Poss

Untitled: Acrylic painting by Loretta Tipton. Donated by Dr. Steve Nameth.

Chester Bridge: Water color painting by J. C. Karcher

Down River From Overlook: Acrylic painting by Jean Thornberry

In Search of River Designs: Photograph by George M. Donaldson

Splash: Acrylic painting by Marianne Mason

Musicians: Oil painting by Elizabeth Babb

Naked Woman: Abstract painting by Crystal Kerrpeil

Untitled: Abstract painting of male figure

Ohio River Marina: Oil painting by Nancy Hawkins

Night in the Alley: Photograph by Bob Frost

Goldfinch (Yellow Bird): Photograph donated by Matthew Stewart

Piney Woods Coffee: Composite by Craig Wetzel

The River Yields Her Luster: Photograph by George M. Donaldson

Point of Departure: Photograph by Kelly Bell (won the Kent State Golden Award, presented in honor of the Campus’s 50th anniversary in 2015)

Fall Festival: Painting by Elsa Rubin and donated by Dr. Herschel Rubin. This painting and a financial contribution helped establish the Herschel and Elsa Rubin Art Acquisition Fund to sustain the permanent collection of the Art Gallery.

Wild Irish Rose: Painting by Peggy Albert Mangano and donated by the Mangano Family