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FCCPT Competency Requirements

Kent State University offers two courses designed to meet the Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT) competency requirements.

PTST 21095 ST: PTA Competencies is approved by the FCCPT to fill the 16 most common deficiencies, including Role of the PTA; Isolation techniques; Wound dressing application, removal and precautions; Compression therapies; Infection control; Biofeedback; Traction; Sterile techniques; Wheelchair management; Body mechanics, Integumentary, Cognition, Pain & Arthropmorphic characteristics. All lecture materials are taught and tested online, however skill competency instruction and testing requires a 1 day lab on our campus in Ohio during the final week of the course.  This is a 5 week course offered 3 times per year with the mandatory lab date during the final week.

Tuition and fees for each 3-credit hour course is approximately $2000 for Non-Ohio residents or approximately $900 for in-state residents. Textbooks are recommended but not required.  Travel, meals and lodging to attend the 1 day lab is an additional cost to enrolled students. For further information regarding residency status in the state of Ohio for decreased tuition and fees, please refer to the following link provided by the state of Ohio: http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/3333-1-10. Kent State University PTA program is not responsible for decisions regarding tuition or residency status.

The following topics are covered in the course: 

  • Role of the PTA (relationship, communication, supervision)
  • Value Based Behaviors
  • Test and Measures (self-care, home management, ergonomics, body mechanics, mobility, functional training)
  • Data Collection (self-care, home management)
  • Interventions (self-care, home management, functional training, traction, compression, biofeedback, cryotherapy, bed mobility and Transfers, Gait and Locomotion Training with and without assistive devices)
  • Tuition and fees for this 3-credit hour course is approximately $2000 for Non-Ohio residents or approximately $900 for in-state residents.

Email Theresa Hootman, Program Secretary, for the course schedule (please provide your full name) and to notify her when you have applied.

Becoming a Kent State University Student

The first step is to apply for admission to Kent State University as a non-degree seeking guest student. Please use the information below regarding immigration status and the application that should be used to ensure your application is processed correctly:   

Information regarding immigration status

  • If you are a US citizen, US permanent resident or asylee you are considered a Domestic Student. Please fill out the Undergraduate Guest Application for Domestic Students. Clearly scan your permanent resident card and email it to: Theresa Hootman. As a Domestic Guest student, there is no application fee, and no requirement to provide transcripts from your previous colleges. (deadline to apply: June 15

  • If you are NOT a US citizen, permanent resident, asylee (or are pending asylee approval), you are considered an International Student. Please fill out the International Undergraduate Guest Application for International Students. Assistance with the application process for international students is available through International Admissions by email IntlAdm@kent.edu or phone 330-672-7980. Copies of your academic credentials are required. (deadline to apply: June 15)  

  • Important: Please note that this program is not eligible for I-20 issuance. If you are in need of a student visa, you cannot participate in this program. 

The following questions will help you complete the application process correctly. 
Are you a domestic or international student? Use the information above to determine whether you are a domestic or international guest student
What degree level are you applying for:
Are you applying to: A program with all or most classes on a campus
Select Student Type: Guest
Select Campus:  Ashtabula
Applying for what Semester:  Summer 2019