Information for Undergraduate Mentors

Giving Back to the Community

Rising Scholars Mentors are college students at Kent State University at East Liverpool and Kent State University at Salem who cultivate supportive relationships with younger students in Columbiana County. Rural Scholars Assist Habitat for HumanityThese students must qualify for program participation by maintaining strong academic performance and demonstrating a record of community outreach through school-based mentoring in eligible districts. They are awarded scholarships eligible for renewal on a biannual basis and receive wages for their work during the school year.

Aspiring mentors must want to develop nurturing relationships with younger students. Mentors must be willing to listen, to be curious and open to discovery. Rather than molding young people, mentors seek to explore choices with them and discover along with their mentees what paths they wish to take. Mentors offer models of successful behavior to their mentees, but do not seek to impose upon them their own judgments and values.


To participate in the Rising Scholars Program as a mentor, you must:

  • be willing to commit to full participation in the program and have the time to do so for one full school year starting in summer.
  • maintain a preferred minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • be enrolled at Kent State's Salem or East Liverpool campuses as a student, full-time preferred.
  • be motivated by personal or professional reasons to contribute to this program through your avid engagement and participation.

The following characteristics are also desirable, but not required:

  • be a first-generation college student, meaning that if you complete college, you'll be the first person in your family to receive a 4-year degree.
  • preferably attend/have graduated from high school in any of the participating schools. Students residing in Columbiana County are encouraged to apply, even if they are not from these districts, as long as they satisfy the other criteria.


Rising Scholars Program Mentors will participate in on-going professional development throughout their time with the program and be expected to exhibit a strong capacity for self-direction as well as exercise mature judgment.


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