The Mission of the Radiologic Technology Program

The mission of Kent State University at Salem is to educate radiologic technology students in the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become qualified, professional practitioners who provide quality service and care to the community and to prepare students for the changing needs of the profession.  Kent State University transforms lives and communities through the power of discovery, learning and creative expression in an inclusive environment.

The Goals and Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Goal: Students will be able to utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills effectively in the practice of radiologic technology.
         Student Learning Outcome: Students will identify errors and perform corrective actions in positioning and image quality during image analysis.
         Learning Outcome: Students will adapt procedures for non-routine patients.
  2. Goal: Students will be able to communicate effectively in oral and written form with patients and members of the health care team.  
         Student Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
         Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  3. Goal: Students will be able to perform radiographic procedures successfully and consistent with entry-level requirements of a registered radiologic technologist.
         Student Learning Outcome: Students will accurately perform procedures in the clinical setting.
         Student Learning Outcome: Graduates will satisfactorily perform procedures.
  4. Goal: Students will be able to determine the value of professional growth and development and to conduct themselves in a professional manner. 
         Student Learning Outcome: Students will interpret and critique professional conduct as demonstrated in the clinical setting.
         Student Learning Outcome: Students will perform procedures in a professional manner.   

2021-2023 Radiologic Technology Handbook