Rising Scholars FAQs

What is this program about?

The Rising Scholars Program will offer you hands-on learning opportunities that you might not get in the classroom. You’ll work on projects in the community and in local businesses through our summer camps and workshops. You’ll get individual attention from mentors who can help you make decisions about the educational and career pathways that are best for you. And in the end, if you attend one of Kent State University’s Columbiana campuses, you might even qualify for a free college education!

I like writing and art, but I’m not into science and math. Would I still have fun in this program?

If you like learning by doing and figuring out how things work, you’ll enjoy the Rising Scholars Program. While many of our projects emphasize math, science, and engineering, they’re meant to be enjoyed by anyone, and we’ll do lots of creative work and critical thinking too.

Can I change my mind and apply later when I’m in ninth grade?

We want to offer this opportunity to students who can make this educational journey together as a group starting in seventh grade and meeting together throughout the rest of their years in middle and high schools. We hope our students will become a supportive community for one another, making memories together and creating opportunities to work as a group for the larger good of Columbiana County. Only rising seventh graders can apply to the program.

What does this cost?

For you, nothing. Participating is a privilege provided to you by Kent State University and our community partners.

What if I don’t want to go to college?

The Rising Scholars Program is student-centered. We want what’s best for your success as defined by you, so if you don’t want to go to college, that’s fine. However, for most careers you will still need some additional education after you graduate high school, so the Rising Scholars Program will help you get the academic preparation and information you will need to have the widest number of choices available to you when you graduate.

How do I apply?

You can download the application or ask your guidance counselor about applying. The application will require information from your parents and teachers, so be sure to leave yourself enough time before the deadline to complete it.

What if I want to ask some not so frequently asked questions?

Don't hesitate to ask! We love questions.

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