See below for Frequently Asked Questions for the Senior Guest Program. 

For additional assistance please email

General Information

What is the Senior Guest program at Kent State?

The Senior Guest Program at Kent State University allows persons, 60 years of age or older to audit University courses tuition-free, on a space-available basis, and with faculty approval. Senior Guests do not receive grades and no credit is awarded. Admission to courses is by faculty approval only. Senior Guests request to enroll in 1 – 2 courses per semester, during a designated enrollment period. The Senior Guest program administrator contacts the course faculty member(s) and notifies the Senior Guest about whether the course request has been approved or denied. In all cases, the faculty member’s decision is final.

Who is eligible to participate in the Kent State Senior Guest program?

Any person who is sixty years of age or older and who has resided in the state of Ohio for at least one year.

Must I have faculty approval if the course has open spaces?

Yes. The Senior Guest program administrator contacts the course faculty member(s) and notifies the Senior Guest about whether the course request has been approved or denied. In all cases, the faculty member’s decision is final.

Can I enroll in workshops as a Senior Guest?

No, workshops are not included in this program.

Admissions Process

How do I apply for admission to the Senior Guest program?

Begin by completing the form on the Kent State Senior Guest website

To do so you will need the following which can be found in the Schedule of Classes.

For each course:

  • Course Title
  • Course Level (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Instructor’s Name
  • CRN #
  • Department
  • Course #
  • Section #
  • Course Start/End Dates

Example from Schedule of Classes:

Kent State University Senior Guest Schedule of Classes Example Screenshot

Your Emergency Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Relationship
  • Phone Number

Additional Expenses

I do not pay tuition as a Senior Guest but am I responsible for other fees or charges?

Senior guests are responsible for payment of fees associated with a course in which they are registered. These fees include, but are not limited to, the cost of lab supplies, materials and distance learning (DL) fee, Flash Book charges, parking permits, etc.

Will KSU bill me for any applicable charges and, if so, what are my payment options?

Yes, KSU will issue you an ebill for any applicable fees/charges. You will be notified via email when/if you are issued an ebill.

You can also check your balance via Flashline.

Billing and payment-related information and instructional videos can be found on the One Stop for Student Services website. 

How can I view my ebill if I do not have access to a computer?

Public computers are available on all KSU campuses. See below for a partial listing.

Each lab offers both Windows and Mac computers.

Ashtabula Campus

  • Main Hall C232 and Student Lounge
  • Morrison Hall H202

East Liverpool Campus

  • Mary Patterson Building 316 and 320
  • Purinton Hall 107 (Math Emporium), 318, Quiet Study (2nd Floor), Slak Shak (River Level)

Geauga Campus

  • Main Building 128, 144, 148, and 149

Twinsburg Academic Center

  • Main Building 117, 119, 120 and 124

Kent Campus

  • 150 Library (first-floor main area)
  • 222 Kent Student Center

Salem Campus

  • City Center 209
  • Library Smile Lab
  • Main Building 113, 125, and 141

Stark Campus

  • Fine Arts Building 043, 045A, and 105
  • Library Public Stations and Math Labs (002, 008, and 009)
  • Main Hall E101, 208, and 306
  • Science & Nursing Building 001

Trumbull Campus

  • Classroom Administration Building 112, 116, 125, 127, and 142
  • Library Lab & Internet Café
  • Technology Building 216, 218, 252, and 258

Tuscarawas Campus

  • Founders Hall Academic Learning Commons
  • Founders Hall Cybercafe

For a complete list see: or contact the Senior Guest program administrator on your campus.

Please note that many Regional Campus classrooms double as computer labs. Therefore, availability may be based on class schedules.

Am I required to purchase textbooks?

No. But it is important to check if there is Flash Book connected with a course. If you do not wish to accept the Flash Book (and associated charge) you must formally opt-out during the required time period or you will be charged for its use.

What is a Flash Book?

Flash Books are electronic versions of textbooks provided in lieu of a traditional paper copy of the book. Flash Book content is provided to students (including Senior Guests) as soon as the course is made available via Blackboard. If you do not wish to accept the Flash Book, there is a designated time period during which you may formally opt-out.

For more information:

How will I know if my course has a Flash Book?
Will I be able to park on campus?

Parking policies vary among campuses. Please check with each campus to determine parking policies. 

Kent Campus:

Senior Guests may park in the Kent Student Center Visitor’s Lot, for up to two (2) hours, at no charge, with a Golden Buckeye Card.

For more information on parking options or to purchase a permit: contact Parking Services at: or 330-672-4432 or visit

Stark Campus:

Senior Guests who will be parking on the Stark Campus must provide their license plate numbers to the campus Senior Guest administrator: Ruby Groves, or 330-244-3279.

All Other Campuses:

For information on policies at other regional campuses, please contact the Senior Guest Program administrator or visit


Will I be assigned a email account?


I have a email account that is inactive. How do I get it reactivated?
I was previously assigned a Guest User Account that allowed me to access online coursework. What will happen to my existing Guest User Account?

Your Guest User Account will be terminated. Since you will now have a account, you will no longer need the Guest User Account to access online courses/materials.

How do I log into FlashLine?

New users:

  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions to register as a new user
  • You will use the last five digits of your Kent State Identification Number (provided in your confirmation of admission letter) as part of your temporary password

Returning users:

  • Login to FlashLine at using your existing username and password
  • If you do not remember your password, please use the password reset option or contact the Help Desk at

FlashLine will allow you to access online courses or supplementary materials, check your class schedule, make payments for DL course fees, materials, and Flash Books, as well as access your transcript

Once I have a username and Kent State ID, will I be able to use FlashLine to register for Senior Guest courses on my own?

No. You must follow the registration process on the Senior Guest website. If you do not register using the designated form, you run the risk of being charged tuition.

How can I check on additions/changes to my schedule?

Login to FlashLine at with your username and password.

Navigate to: Student --> Resources -->Courses and Registration.

Also, check your email as you will be notified every time a class is added or removed from your schedule.