Ad Hoc and Other Committees

A.  The members of all ad hoc committees of the Faculty shall be appointed and notified by the Dean after consultation with the CAC, unless specified otherwise in these Bylaws, the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement, or University policy.

B. Promotion, Reappointment and Tenure Committees

The consideration of members of the Faculty for purposes of recommending reappointment, promotion, and tenure decisions is the responsibility of the ad hoc Promotion, Reappointment and Tenure Committees and the CAC, following the procedures set forth in the UL RPT policies, the Kent State University Policy Register (3342-6-06, 3342-6-07, 3342-6-08), and the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement.

C. Dean Search Committee

At least fifty percent of the search committee for a new Dean of University Libraries (UL) shall be composed of representatives selected by University Libraries.  UL representatives will include: at least four members of the Kent and/or Regional Campus UL full-time tenured and tenure-track Faculty; at least one member of the Kent and/or Regional Campus full-time non-tenure track faculty; at least one Kent Campus faculty member with administrative appointment; at least one Regional Campus library director; at least one classified or unclassified staff member.

Members of the UL faculty shall be selected by secret ballot at a special meeting of the faculty. CAC shall decide on the ballot formulation and voting processes. Provisions shall be made for absentee voting.

D. Tenure-Track Faculty, NTT Faculty, Term Faculty, and Resident Librarian Search Committees.  Additional guidance for new positions is found elsewhere in this Faculty Handbook.

1. The CAC shall appoint a representative of CAC, who does not have to be a member of CAC, to each search committee.

2. At least one-half of the search committee for Faculty positions shall be comprised of Faculty members.

3. The search committee for NTT faculty, Term faculty, and Resident Librarian positions shall have at least two Faculty members, one of whom may be the CAC representative.

E. NTT faculty members may be asked to serve on ad hoc CAC committees.  NTT faculty members may not serve on the following committees:  the Reappointment and Tenure Committee, the Promotion Committee, and any other ad hoc committee set up to address personnel issues affecting Faculty, individually or as a group.

Revision approved by UL Faculty, 5/12/11
Sent to the Provost's Office, 9/1/11
Final approval, 1/14/12