Faculty Workload and Workload Equivalents

Pursuant to the University Policy Register 3342-6-18, full-time faculty are defined as those whose sum of their teaching, research, and/or administrative responsibilities and assignments constitutes full-time employment (one hundred percent full-time employment) at Kent State University. 

Furthermore, the University Policy Register establishes that the full-time tenured and tenure-track Faculty are expected to carry a maximum workload of twenty-four (24) credit hours per academic year. All full-time non-tenure track faculty are expected to carry a maximum workload of thirty (30) credit hours per academic year. 
Per the faculty handbook of University Libraries, (UL) “All UL faculty work on a 12-month contract. Most functions encompassed in a UL faculty member's workload must be carried on year-round, as a prime library function is to serve the university community whenever service is needed.”

As such, University Libraries faculty are expected to carry summer workloads of twelve (12) credit hours for tenure-track faculty and fifteen (15) credit hours for full-time non-tenure track faculty.

The workload for each individual faculty member is assigned by the dean in collaboration with the supervising assistant or associate dean in accordance with Article IX “Faculty Workload” of the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement for tenure-track faculty and in accordance with Article IX “Faculty Workload” of the Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreement. The workload statement each individual faculty member receives will consist of the summary of workload assignment letter, the workload assignment, and the individual faculty member’s goals.