Faculty Workload and Workload Equivalents

  1. UL Faculty Workload

    Full‐time tenured/tenure‐track librarians and full-time non tenure-track librarians at Kent State University are expected to work a forty hour work week over the course of the fiscal year.  Duties and responsibilities include principal job duties, special projects or assignments, and job related committee assignments. Two hundred hours of research time are available annually to full time tenured/tenure‐track Faculty members for the pursuit of research and scholarship.

  2. Annual Workload Summary Report

    Article IX, Section 2.D of the TT CBA requires that each continuing tenured Faculty member prepare and submit an annual workload summary report for the previous academic year by the date specified in the TT CBA.

    Kent Campus UL Faculty submit this summary report to the Dean of University Libraries; Regional Campus UL Faculty submit this summary report to his/her regional campus dean. The annual workload summary report includes the following elements: a selective curriculum vita focusing on the prior year; a brief summary (no more than 500 words) highlighting accomplishment in the areas of job performance, scholarly activity and service; and a research time report, if applicable (see UL Handbook, section “Research Time for Kent Campus Faculty”).

  3. Additions to Faculty Workload

    Changes in either principal duties and responsibilities or special assignments will normally remain within the typical parameters of faculty workload and should not result in a significant and/or long-term expansion of overall workload.

    Staffing constraints may make it necessary to ask faculty members to assume additional responsibilities on an interim basis. In select cases additional assignments may warrant adjustments to that individual's workload.

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