Full-time NTT Faculty Promotion - Kent Campus

  1. Scope

    This section sets forth promotion guidelines for University Libraries (UL) Full-Time Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty. As such, they work in conjunction with provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement currently in effect between Kent State University and the Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Unit of the American Association of University Professors, Kent State Chapter (CBA).

  2. Definition

    "Promotion" is the elevation of a faculty member to the next highest faculty rank within the University. Promotion shall be viewed as recognition of a faculty member having contributed sustained and distinguished service to the University, the academic unit, and the campus to which the faculty member belongs.

    Promotion is distinguished from reconsideration of rank, the guidelines for which are set forth in the FT-NTT CBA


  3. Eligibility

    Bargaining unit members may stand for promotion in the third year of a cycle of three (3) one-year annually renewable appointments.  Only bargaining unit members who have successfully passed one (1) Full Performance Review are eligible to stand for promotion.  Promotion is from rank to rank, and is sequential.

  4. Criteria

    University policy for promotion requires that a candidate possesses the terminal degree in his/her discipline in order to be promoted to Associate Professor or Professor.  All UL faculty members possess the Master of Library Science (MLS) degree or equivalent, the terminal degree in librarianship.  The expectation is that initial appointments in UL are made at the level of Assistant Professor.

    Recommendation for promotion shall be based on the following criteria:

    a. Performance: To be assessed on the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities associated with the assigned track of the candidate. An NTT faculty member standing for promotion shall have demonstrated consistently strong job performance and UL job-related service, which meet or exceed the performance standards established for his or her position as primarily documented in annual performance evaluations (written by the candidate's supervisor) and all three-year performance reviews (as required by  the FT-NTT CBA). This is the primary criterion for promotion.

    b. Professional development: To be assessed as it relates to the assigned track of the candidate. An NTT faculty member standing for promotion shall demonstrate a consistent record of professional development that has enhanced job performance or understanding of the field.

    c. University and UL citizenship:  To be assessed as it relates to the assigned track of the candidate. For NTT faculty members, it includes service activities not necessarily tied directly to one's job responsibilities, but which contribute to the overall mission of UL and the University.

    Evidence of significant accomplishments in both performance and professional development is required for promotion. Accomplishments and/or contributions in the area of University and UL citizenship are neither required nor expected, but will, when they exist, contribute to the bargaining unit member's overall record of accomplishments. However, citizenship activities that fulfill a requirement for UL NTT participation, such as NPAC and CAC, are to be given full weight in the evaluation of a faculty member. Prior to engaging in University and UL citizenship that have the potential to impinge on work time, NTT faculty members will confer with their supervisors.


  5. Contents of Promotion File

    NTT faculty members who are standing for promotion shall submit a promotion file to the Dean consisting of all of the following materials:

    a. Curriculum vitae or resume;

    b. Narrative supporting the rationale for promotion;

    c. Copy of the UL NTT role document;

    d. Documentation of job performance, including copies of annual performance evaluations (written by the candidate's supervisor) and all three-year performance reviews (as required by Article IX of the CBA).

    e. Documentation of any job-related professional development activities, such as training, workshops, conferences, or other educational opportunities.

    In addition to the foregoing materials, the candidate may submit documentation that describes the nature and extent of any University and UL citizenship activities.


  6. Procedure

    a. By October 1st of each year, the Dean shall notify all eligible NTT UL faculty members of their eligibility for promotion.

    b. Eligible NTT faculty members shall notify the Dean within two weeks of receipt of the notice of eligibility whether or not they intend to stand for promotion.

    c. The eligible NTT faculty member shall submit the promotion file by the second week of the spring semester.

    d. The Dean shall review the file with the candidate in order to ensure that the file is complete and shall prepare a statement indicating that the file is complete. Both the candidate and the Dean shall sign the completed file statement.

    e. In accordance with the provisions of the CBA, Addendum D, Section 2, during each fall semester, the Dean of UL shall initiate and oversee the appointment of a Non-Tenure Track Promotion Advisory Board (NPAB). The NPAB shall be made up of all full-time, NTT UL faculty members at all campuses who have successfully completed one annual performance evaluation and who are not standing for promotion during the upcoming academic year. The NPAB must have at least three members. In the event that there are not enough eligible UL NTT faculty members to form the NPAB, NTT faculty members from outside UL will be asked to serve. The Dean of UL shall serve as chair of the NPAB and as a non-voting member.

    f. NPAB Review: The Dean shall convene the NPAB to evaluate the applications for promotion and lead a candid discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. All review and discussion shall be confidential. Each candidate for promotion will be evaluated independently, without regard to the record of other candidates. Each voting member of the NPAB shall indicate on a signed ballot either to recommend or not recommend the candidate for promotion, along with written comments.  Approval of a simple majority is needed for a positive recommendation of promotion. The vote shall be recorded by the Dean or his or her authorized representative.

    g. UL Dean Review: The NPAB recommendation shall be forwarded to the Dean, who shall review the recommendation of the NPAB. The Dean shall then forward his/ her recommendation to the Provost, with a copy to the candidate and the unit administrator.  In the event of an unfavorable recommendation by the Dean, the candidate may file a written appeal with the Provost within ten (10) working days of receipt of the Dean's recommendation.

    h. Provost's Assessment and Determination: The Provost shall review the recommendation of the Dean on each application for promotion, and shall make a final assessment and determination on each.  Each bargaining unit member who applies for promotion shall be notified of the decision on the application no later than the last day of the spring semester in which the promotion application was submitted.

    1. In the case of a positive decision, the President shall notify the candidate.

    In the case of a negative decision by the Provost, the Provost shall notify the candidate. Such notification shall inform the candidate that he or she may appeal the decision of the Provost to the President within ten (10) working days of receipt of the Provost's written decision.

  7. Promotion Increments

    Any NTT faculty member who is promoted in rank shall receive a promotion increase as set forth in the CBA, Article X, Section 3.

    Approved by the UL faculty, 2/7/2008 (Formerly "Change In Rank")
    Final approval 7/15/08 (Formerly "Change In Rank")
    Revision approved by UL Faculty, 6/29/10

    Receipt acknowledged by the Provost's Office, 9/1710

    Final approval, 8/31/11