Mentor Program

Mentors, who assist new faculty with the orientation process, are to be tenured Faculty members or senior Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty members who have completed one full performance review.  In particular, tenured mentors should aid new Tenure Track (TT) Faculty with understanding the reappointment, promotion and tenure process and senior NTT mentors should help new NTT faculty with the promotion and performance review process.  The mentorship program is not limited to faculty concerns and for that reason the structure of the mentoring relationship is flexible.

In this process, the Professional Development and Standards Committee will ask the potential mentor if he or she is willing to be a mentor.  If the potential mentor agrees, the PDSC will then ask the new faculty member's supervisor and the new faculty member if this pairing seems appropriate. If all are in agreement, then a formal letter of assignment will be sent by the PDSC to the individuals involved.

The time limit on the mentorship relationship is not definite and can last as long as needed. It should be stressed that the new faculty member is encouraged to seek the advice of other senior or tenured faculty members if that need arises, especially in the case of file preparation for reappointment or any questions involving the promotion, tenure or merit processes, or performance reviews.

The mentorship relationship is not binding and can be dissolved at any time. The individual desiring a change should simply request it of any member of the PDSC who will bring it forward at the next scheduled meeting.

Revision approved by UL Faculty, 6/29/10

Receipt acknowledged by the Provost's Office, 9/1710

Final approval, 8/31/11