Graduate Study by Faculty Members in University Libraries

In librarianship, the terminal degree is the master's degree from a graduate program accredited by the American Library Association. Consequently, a basic requirement for almost all faculty librarian positions is the master's degree from an ALA-accredited program. After they have worked at Kent State for a period of time, some UL faculty elect to pursue further graduate education by enrolling in graduate programs here at Kent or at another institution. Sometimes those programs are in the form of an additional master's degree and sometimes they are in the form of a PhD or other doctoral or professional degree such as a law degree. Regardless of the type of graduate degree, the faculty of University Libraries supports the decision of any UL faculty member to pursue graduate study at a level, in a discipline and at an institution of his/her own choosing as long as the following two conditions are met:

1. The UL faculty member who is contemplating further graduate or professional study shall meet with his/her immediate supervisor to provide the supervisor with advance notification as to his/her intent to pursue this further study.

2. After enrolling in the graduate or professional program, the UL faculty member will meet with his/her supervisor to ensure that the faculty member's class schedule does not interfere either with the performance of job duties or with the ability of the faculty member's department to meet its service obligations.

This resolution is expressly intended to cover UL faculty who choose to pursue graduate or professional degrees. Regarding UL faculty who wish to take undergraduate courses either for personal enrichment or because it relates to their job, points 1 and 2 above also apply.

Approved by the UL faculty, 02/07/2008 (final approval July 15, 2008)