Faculty Excellence Awards Criteria

Whether there will be money for Faculty Excellence Awards (FEA) during the duration of a Tenure-Track Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement (TTCBA) is a subject of negotiation between the University and AAUP-KSU.  If there is to be a Faculty Excellence Award pool, it will be noted in the Salaries article of the TTCBA.  The TTCBA will set the amount of the total pool available for FEA and how that pool is to be distributed (e.g., the period covered by the FEA pool; the award categories; the per capita amount which determines each unit's pool and maximum and minimum awards, if any).  Also according to the TTCBA each unit is to create specific criteria and an evaluation process which is incorporated into the unit handbook.  Currently for Kent Campus units, Faculty Excellence Awards are divided 50/50 between Teaching and/or University Citizenship and Research and Creative Activity.  Given that the nature of Faculty work varies widely within UL, and that teaching is not the primary job responsibility of most UL Faculty members, UL defines the Teaching/University Citizenship category as Job Performance and/or University Citizenship. 

It should be noted that applying for a Faculty Excellence Award does not guarantee that the applicant will receive an Award.