UL Procedures

  1. Once the amount of the total pool granted to UL has been determined, the percentages of the UL pool granted to the Provost and to the Dean will be removed from the total amount. The unit will make awards from the remainder of the FEA pool.
  2. The Dean has discretion to use his/her portion of the UL FEA pool as he/she determines as long as it is granted to UL members of the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Unit in recognition of Faculty excellence. 
  3. Members of the College Advisory Committee (CAC), with the following exceptions, will serve as the FEA Committee in UL:
    1. The Secretary of CAC is excused from serving on the FEA Committee.
    2. The NTT representative to CAC is not eligible to serve on the FEA Committee.
    3. Because the FEA process is campus-specific, Regional Campus Librarians participate in the FEA process on their home campus.  As such, any Regional Campus Librarian serving on CAC is excused from serving on the FEA Committee. 
    4. If CAC believes that additional representation on the FEA Committee is necessary to ensure a fair process, the CAC may nominate up to two (2) additional committee members from the Kent Campus UL Faculty.
  4. The UL criteria and process shall be reviewed by the CAC in advance of an FEA period to ensure that the members of the FEA Committee understand the process.
  5. The FEA Committee, in consultation with the Dean, will determine the minimum point value necessary to be considered for an FEA in each award area.  This information will be provided to the Faculty as part of the application process.
    1. The minimum point value in the Research and Creative Activity category will be determined based on the number of years in the merit period multiplied by 20 points per year.  If a Faculty member was not in the unit for the entirety of the FEA period, that individual's minimum will be determined by multiplying 20 points by the time of service in full year and half year increments. 
    2. The minimum point value in the Job Performance and/or Service category will be 500 points regardless of the Faculty member's length of service in the FEA period or a Faculty member's total length of service. Additionally, the applicant must show greater success (as demonstrated by the point total) in Job Performance than University Citizenship.
  6. The Dean and the FEA Committee shall notify the Faculty of the UL criteria and process for FEA and the deadline by which applications are to be received.  All Faculty members should be encouraged to apply.
  7. A Faculty member may choose to apply for an FEA in either or both categories and must submit the materials specified in the sections below. 
  8. Only completed work, excluding work in press, may be submitted for consideration.  Materials and accomplishments will not be considered in more than one FEA time period.
  9. Once the FEA applications have been received, the FEA Committee and the Dean will review the files independently, determine whether an applicant has met the minimum criteria for consideration, and verify and/or assign points within each category. 
  10. The Dean and the FEA Committee will meet to share their respective determinations.  A full and open discussion of the applications in each category will occur.  These discussions are to be considered independent of one another and the result in one category should not be taken into consideration when discussing the other. 
  11. Following this discussion, a final point value in each category will be determined.  The Dean and the FEA Committee must agree on this final point value for each individual applicant. In the unusual circumstance that the Dean and the FEA Committee do not reach agreement on the final point value for an individual applicant, the lower of the two proposed point values will be deemed final. 
  12. FEAs will be awarded on a proportional basis; the number of total points awarded in a category will be divided into the amount of money available for award in that category to determine the per point amount.

Information regarding the Dean's preliminary determination of FEA amounts awarded and to whom will be provided to all Faculty.  An opportunity to request reconsideration of a preliminary determination will be provided as set forth in the TTCBA.