Job Performance

The FEA Committee and the Dean will award points in the Job Performance category on a scale dependent on the evidence presented.  No more than 200 points can be awarded for any of the following subcategories of Job Performance:

  1. Innovation or problem-solving in job performance
  2. Success in meeting unit or individual objectives
  3. Improvement in response to suggestions made in the performance evaluations; positive impact on department, UL or the University
  4. Sharing of new insights or approaches with colleagues within UL and external to UL
  5. Active participation in UL operational committees or OhioLINK committees
  6. The candidate may present other evidence and argue that it demonstrates excellence in job performance.
  7. The following has a maximum point value of 150:
    Acceptance, during the FEA period, of additional responsibilities outside of one's original letter of offer (not otherwise compensated).