Overload Assignments

7.1 Originating from within University Libraries
In exceptional circumstances (e.g., staffing challenges, special projects of a strategic nature, functions dictated by university policy), the dean, in consultation with the faculty member’s supervising assistant or associate dean, may assign overload. The amount of overload in credit hours and the duration of the assignment will be determined through consultation.  

7.2 Originating from Another Academic Unit
From time to time, library faculty are engaged by other academic units at Kent State to teach for-credit courses. These assignments are normally considered overload. Library faculty members must have the approval of their supervising assistant or associate dean and the dean to pursue these assignments. Administration will need to evaluate the impact of the potential overload assignment on the faculty members already assigned workload. If approved, this assignment must be documented and signed off on both the academic unit and University Libraries. The faculty member’s workload statement will then recognize this overload assignment.