Life in Hong Kong as a student

Studying away is an immersive experience. To give you a clearer idea of what it’s really like to live and study in Hong Kong, read our students’ reflection of their time on the program.

"My semesters in Florence and Hong Kong allowed me to realize that being in the fashion industry isn’t a two-path lifestyle of being a designer or merchandiser. Museums like the Uffizi galleries, the Pitti Palazzo Costume galleries, and many more helped me discover that I want to be a costume historian. My time in Hong Kong made me see that my love for textiles went beyond their visual appeal, and into the laboratories and factories where they are created to stand the test of time. I had my second career epiphany during my time in this program, and it allowed me to combine all of my loves in life, fashion design, art history, and world history, into a singular career path that I cherish every day.”

Ginger Stanciel
Major: BA Fashion Design
Minors: Art History and Italian Studies