Life in London as a student

Studying away is an immersive experience. To give you a clearer idea of what it’s really like to live, study and intern in London, read our previous students’ reflections on their time in the UK capital.

“Studying abroad at another University, instead of another Kent campus with familiar students, forced me to leave my comfort zone. London is an immensely diverse city. Most of the Regent’s student population is international, so I was able to make friends with people from around the world and learn more about other cultures. London's diversity opened my eyes to thinking beyond the U.S. and to learn other languages. It's crucial to learn methods from other universities especially for design. Kent's technical teaching and Regent’s creative processes have rounded me as a better designer.”

JShuntaro Ogawa
Knit Engineer

“My experience allowed me to meet amazing people, some of whom became my best friends, from all around the world. I also became more self-sufficient and confident while learning to navigate a new city and country. My study abroad experience is something I bring up in every interview, and I believe it is something that really sets me apart from my peers.”

Jocelyn Biddle-Hill
Inventory Analyst at rue21