Graduate Student Seminars

Graduate Student Seminars are prepared and presented by the graduate students within the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

These seminars are held for the benefit and interest of the graduate students. This gives the graduate students a chance to learn how to present research and results to their peers, as well as giving them a place to practice presentations, provide feedback, and exchange ideas among their peer graduate students.

Fall 2023 Graduate Student Seminars: Tuesdays in MSB 213 from 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
For questions contact Josh Kane:
  • Oct 10: Aaron Allen- "The effects of surface tilt angle and electric field on the configuration of a nematic liquid crystal pi-cell with the Q-tensor model"
  • Oct 17: Rachel Carleton- "The Cyclic Graph of a Solvable A-Group of Derived Length 2"
  • Oct 24: Brandon Martin- "Requirements for a group of order $d(d+e)$ to have an irreducible character of degree $d$."
  • Oct 31: Shannon Tefft- "Observations on Periods of Ducci Sequences of the Integers Modulo m" 
  • Nov 7: Vincent Shaw- "Dimension of the Intersection of Certain Cantor Sets in the Complex Plane"

We are always looking for speakers.  Any topic at any level is welcome to present!

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