Incoming Graduate Student Resources

Welcome to our Incoming Graduate Students in Mathematics!

There are probably a lot of questions that you might have when first starting the graduate program in the Mathematical Sciences department. We will try to include a lot of those questions below. In the meantime, there are a few essential things that you will need to take care of your first semester of graduate study:

Your Departmental Email & Network Account

Graduate Student Orientation (GSO)

At the beginning of each Fall semester, there are orientation meetings for all graduate students. Each orientation is different depending on if you are an international student or U.S. student, or if you have an assistantship or you are unsupported financially. It is important that you make plans to attend these orientations the week (or earlier) before the Fall semester.

You should receive emails about these orientations. If you have not received notice of them at least a month before the semester, then you should contact the Graduate Secretary to make sure that your current email is correct in her files or to make sure that you are on the list. (Please keep in mind that once you are admitted to Kent State, then the "" email address is considered the official means of communication with you.)

GSO   GSO Schedule for New Students and Teaching Assistants

Graduate Student Welcome meeting
  • Welcome Meeting usually held in the Math Department on the Tuesday before Fall semester (usually at 1:00 pm).
Spring Semester Orientation

Please contact the Graduate Coordinator to make sure that you are notified of special orientations before the semester, as these are usually less frequent and smaller sessions than fall semester. 

Course Registration

What do I register for? 

Ask the Graduate Coordinator if you aren't sure what to register for. Most students start by taking any courses required of them through conditional admission, or they take some of the sequence courses recommended in the graduate catalog for Pure or Applied Math. Students in the Math for Secondary Teacher's program have a more rigid course outline and they should contact Dr. Jenya Soprunova for assistance.

How many hours should I take? 

This depends on you. If you have an assistantship or part time position, you are required to register for 8 or more credit hours. It is recommended that you don't overextend yourself far beyond that though since the assistantship or part time teaching position requires 20 hours of service work. Again, it is up to you and how much time you have to dedicate to your coursework. If you are unsure, talk to the Graduate Coordinator.

My Time to Register