Theses & Dissertation


College of Arts & Sciences forms, including the CAS Style Guide, can be found on this page. Review this before beginning your thesis or dissertation.  You must provide the college with two signature pages on bonded paper (see the graduate secretary for this paper). James L. Blank, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is the person who should be listed on the signature pages as Dean.



Once you have passed your candidacy exam, you can finally start working on your dissertation!


Students who submit electronically must provide the college with the signature pages on bonded paper, as shown in the Styles Guide.

Electronic Theses & Dissertations Information

  • How to electronically submit the dissertation/thesis
  • If you already have your dissertation in .pdf form, skip to the guidelines link and make sure you have followed all the steps.
  • Uploading directions begin at #8 on the guidelines page
  • Login information is included in the Submitter User Manual. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Cindy Kristof 330-672-1641 at