Various Graduate Forms

Check Off List

Use this form to help you track your progress in your graduate program. This form can be used by both Master's and Doctoral students to help ensure that no benchmark is overlooked. Please refer to the Graduate Handbook if you are unsure of deadlines or policies regarding each benchmark.

Program Prospectus Forms

These must be filled out and then given to your advisor to sign. If there are any exceptions or additional notes, then the advisor must write them on a separate paper to attach to your prospectus.

Graduation Check List

(please note that dissertations and thesis are now uploaded electronically - no binding fee is necessary)

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Conference Travel

Did you know that you can travel to conferences and get reimbursed without charging the department? GSS supports conference travel up to a specific cost, and you are almost guaranteed approval for the reimbursement . Forms must be submitted at the beginning of the semester you are traveling in.

Qualifying Exams

If you have passed the qualifiers and would like to be admitted into the Ph.D. program without reapplying, then submit a matriculation form to the Graduate Secretary.

Theses & Dissertation
  • For graduate applications, download or go to Student / Resources / Graduation in FlashLine.
  • Fill out the Graduate Exit Form for the Graduate Secretary when you have applied for graduation and/or are leaving the Department of Mathematical Sciences.