Email & Network Accounts

Math-Grad Email

When you arrive to the campus you will need to establish a departmental email address. The first step is to request a User Account. Take note of the login username and password, as it differs from your FlashLine username and password. Afterwards, you will need to be added to the "Math-Grad mass email list".

Math-Grad Email List

The Department of Mathematical Sciences maintains the "Math-Grad mass email list" to contact all graduate students when necessary. If there is an important announcement, then it will be sent to you if you have been added to the Math Grad email list.


It is strongly requested that every math graduate student sign up for this e-mail list. To do so, send an email (from your new math or Kent State email address) to: with the word "subscribe" as the only content in your email. The server will acknowledge that you have successfully signed up for the list by sending you an e-mail confirmation.


Should you ever need to remove yourself from the list, send email to the same address with the word "unsubscribe" followed by the email address you used to sign up for the list.


To send an email to everyone on the list, send email to If you have an important announcement that needs to reach all graduate students in the department, then you can send the email to the Math Grad email list. This list should only be used for official communications, or for messages that are really appropriate to send to all graduate students. Do not use this e-mail list to send out amusing stories, etc.

Web Space

If you would like a personal website, then let the Math Office Systems Specialist know.

Your own personal website can showcase:

  • Professional documents: resume, research, published articles
  • Teaching information: course homework, notes, or notices for your class
  • Contact information: office hours, tutoring hours, office extension, email, etc.  This makes it easier for your students to get in touch with you, as well as advisors and potential networking contacts.
Server Space

Our systems department backs up all servers regularly. 

If you have an office computer, you can log in using your department username and password (created above).  Be aware that any files stored locally (C: drive) are not backed up and will be lost if the computer dies or needs to be reloaded.  It is recommended to store important files on your server home directory (H: drive), which is backed up each night, or keep a copy on an external USB device.  Avoid storing large personal data files (such as music and/or video files) on your server home directory because space is limited. Instead, utilize internet services which provide free storage space.

Department Computer System Policies, Rules, and Procedures