Honors College Senior Completes Capstone Project Tracking Mental Wellbeing

Nick Potts Accepts Position as Associate Developer at CEI Following Graduation

Nick Potts pictured at the beach during his study abroad in Florence, Italy.
Nick Potts is an upcoming spring 2021 graduate of the Kent State Honors College. He is a computer science major.

Potts said he decided to come to Kent State because of the feeling he got when he stepped on the campus. He considered it a home away from home feeling.

Academic challenge was the driving factor behind Potts applying to the Honors College. “I wanted to seize all the opportunities that were thrown my way,” Potts said. Going along with this, Potts said the best thing about being in the Honors College is the opportunity to take more rigorous courses only available to honors students.

Potts also credits his honors advisor, Kaylene Trimmer, as being helpful in figuring out what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

Potts completed a capstone project for the computer science program where he created an application that can track a person’s mental wellbeing. He also participated in the Choose Ohio First (COF) program at Kent State. Every year, COF completes a research project. This year, Potts participated in creating an algorithm that can determine if an individual has an underlying mental condition they don’t know about.

The most interesting course Potts took at Kent State was the honors ethics course with Professor David Pereplyotchik. He stated that it really touched on topics that aren’t talked about much. Potts also said it opened up your mind to things from a different perspective.

Potts’s favorite course he took at Kent State was the geography of wine course. He said this course was a nice break from the typical college course. He learned something completely new that was not taught in any other course.

Nick Potts pictured being interviewed by a TV2 reporter.
Following graduation, Potts has accepted a position as an associate developer at CEI in Pittsburgh. He says the work environment is fun and energetic at CEI and he is excited to start his career there.

Long term, Potts would like to keep learning more about programming and move up through the ranks. He would like to eventually become a project manager.

Potts said the Honors College was helpful when it came to advising. His honors advisor helped him figure out the best plan to graduate on time and how to fit study abroad into his plan, as well. He studied abroad in Florence, Italy and states it was the best month of his life.

The best experience Potts has had at Kent State was joining the fraternity Alpha Sigma Pi. He described this experience as being part of something bigger than yourself and something that will outlast his four years at Kent State. He was the president from the fall of 2019 to the fall of 2020.

Potts is a member of the Order of Omega and Alpha Lambda Delta. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was also a boxing instructor at Title gym. In his free time, Potts enjoys video creation, videography, and photography. He has created videos for the Kent State Panhellenic council and the sorority, Alpha Xi Delta.

“Just be yourself, this is where you come to try everything you want to try, figure out what you like, it’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing,” Potts said when giving advice to fellow undergraduate students. He stated his best advice is to not be afraid to try something new and get out of your comfort zone.


PHOTO CAPTION 1: Nick Potts, a Kent State Honors College graduating senior.

PHOTO CAPTION 2: Nick Potts pictured at the beach during his study abroad in Florence, Italy.

PHOTO CAPTION 3: Nick Potts pictured being interviewed by a TV2 reporter.

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