Leadership Students Adapt to Life at Kent State

For any college student, navigating the first semester of the academic year can prove to be challenging, but for incoming freshmen, the experience of their first semester of college courses may be even more difficult. Adding in the idea of adjusting to a new atmosphere, higher level academic requirements and new social interactions, it can make the entire process overwhelming for incoming freshmen.

Freshman Honors Colloquium (FHC) course is one of the foundational courses for the Honors College experience. This course helps honors freshmen start to develop the long-term understanding of their argument or support of a project. Those honors students that successfully complete the Freshman Honors Colloquium course perform far better in all subsequent courses after that.

Honors Leadership Academy’s Mariha Ahammed noted that, “The freshman honors colloquium is probably one of my favorite classes this semester - it's extremely fun, engaging and the exact thing I needed after a year of online school. I got super close to my peers in the colloquium, my instructor was very cool, and I had an awesome time in general. Would take it again if I could!”

Anthony Bishop, another Honors Leadership Academy student, stated, “My Honors Colloquium was incredibly fun! I feel like I've learned a great amount not only about the course's topic but writing. I have just started a research project for my Honors Colloquium exploring Architecture in comedic films and the impact it has on the overall film.”

Eric Brown, a freshman in the Honors Leadership Academy, responded, “Freshman Honors Colloquium has to be one of my favorite classes I have taken in my entire career as a student. What I enjoy most about it is the deep discussions my class can have about complex themes from the books we have read in Karly Lind's section: The Art of Being.”

As freshmen students, the first semester is full of exciting times and introduction to many campus and college traditions, such as Homecoming Week at Kent State. All work and no play can make student life stressful, and Homecoming Week can be a fun experience that not only helps students unwind but creates lasting memories.

When asked about her Kent State Homecoming experience, Mariha excitedly replied, “Homecoming was great! I hosted the Indian table at the International Homecoming, and it was incredible to see that so many people wanted to learn about the country I was from.”

Anthony commented, “Homecoming's festivities were another great experience that really helped me relax from my classes and helped introduce me to more people early on in the semester.”

Eric noted, “For Homecoming I only had time to attend the football game due to all of the assignments I had to work on, but I enjoyed my time at the football game.”

Eric reiterated that his first semester exceeded his expectations, stating that, “My first semester has been a little more challenging than I expected, but I have had a lot of growth through realizing there was plenty of room for me to grow as a student and a person. My goals have largely remained the same, though with finals week approaching, my main goal is to be prepared for those.”

In this fall 2021 semester, these Honors College Leadership freshmen students learned new skills in their courses, such as developing a deep understanding of their project in their Freshman Honors Colloquium. They experienced the jubilation and the comradery that is Homecoming Week. Through ups and downs they all had their first Honors College Experience. These Honors College students are excited to see what is in store for the spring 2022 semester.


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POSTED: Friday, December 3, 2021 - 11:12am
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