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Honors Student Sonyea Moore Discusses Balancing School, Art and Work
Honors student Sonyea Moore holders up her Phi Beta Kappa certificate.

Sonyea Moore, a sophomore Honors student from Twinsburg, Ohio, is currently pursuing two majors and three minors in the College of Arts and Sciences and is thriving while doing so. Holding a 3.9 G.P.A., Sonyea is following her interests in the humanities through majors in anthropology and Africana studies, along with her minors in English, creative writing, and history. While the workload of such an education is demanding, Sonyea explains it's worth it to study her passions.  

The task of maintaining more than one major/minor is a feat Sonyea understands and embraces. With a determined mindset, Sonyea explains that she wants to do as much as she can and that she’s the “type of person who wants to get the most out of an experience.” By forging her own path through her diverse interests, Sonyea remains motivated by her faith in her goals, stating, “I know in the end I’ll have the result I want.”  

Within her anthropology major, Sonyea has a concentration in biological anthropology, and in Africana studies, she is concentrating on community activism, strategy and development, race and gender, and the arts in culture and society. She also plans to add a concentration in global and government systems, an addition that along with her other concentrations, is unprecedented. Sonyea’s intrigue in humanity is heightened by her ability to examine it from multiple perspectives. Her studies in history, culture and genetics grant a uniquely holistic view of human behavior that she has cultivated herself. Sonyea believes her various courses complement one another and consequently create a more in-depth understanding. Sonyea affirms that, “history and anthropology go hand in hand” and that together, her courses, "give a more intensive look at cultural phenomena.”  

Beyond researching human history and sciences, Sonyea also incorporates an artistic perspective into her studies. Her love for literature and poetry has been carried throughout her education and holds a personal significance. Sonyea is currently writing a collection of poetry that she hopes to be the first of many to be published. She is also in the process of developing her writing portfolio and is an acting guest poetry teacher at Crestwood High School in Mantua.  

Most of Sonyea’s free time is spent reading or writing. Some of her favorite authors include Maya Angelou, Zora Neale Hurston, Ernest J. Gaines, and other celebrated black authors. While Sonyea enjoys discovering writers and their work, she makes a point of remaining true to her own style. Sonyea describes writing as “creative freedom” and doesn’t want to simply imitate those who have come before her. Rather, Sonyea looks to her favorite artists to, “see all the great things a person can be capable of.” Sonyea describes her style as one that focuses on a connection with music and the significance of cadence, saying, “I like my work to flow, to sound how I envision it while writing.” Sonyea hopes to one day perform her poetry live in its purest form.  

Not only is Sonyea an incredibly motivated Honors student, but she also currently holds two jobs, working roughly 40 hours a week. She admits it’s not uncommon for her to become stressed and that it’s important to give herself time to rest. Sonyea asserts that, “You have to keep your mental health and put it first before anything.” Whether it be taking a break to read, listen to music, or drink some tea, Sonyea makes sure she takes time for herself. Time management plays a huge role in Sonyea’s life and she describes it as, “a game of balance [that] I have to play.” Planning ahead and utilizing free time is the main way Sonyea says she stays on track.  

Remarkably, Sonyea assures that she does have free time to relax and have fun. Beyond reading and writing, she enjoys going to record and shoe stores to add to her growing collections. Whenever possible, she attends events held by the Black United Students and also, the Wick Poetry Center. All while also finding time to be with her girlfriend, family and friends, whom she credits with constantly supporting her and “always being there to pick me up.”  

Recently, Sonyea was inducted into the National Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society and was also awarded the Charles L. Greene Scholarship at the 2022 Founders Gala. She has consistently made the President’s List and aims to continue doing so. Sonyea plans to graduate in 2025 and move on to graduate school. Keeping her options open, Sonyea says she is interested in teaching, museum curation and writing as future careers. In regards to her poetry, Sonyea affirms that her main priority is being proud of her work. She states, “Sometimes the best authors and their best work aren’t well received… I just wanna be in a place where I’m happy with the work I’m producing.” An enlightened goal she should already be proud of.  

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PHOTO CAPTION 1: Honors student Sonyea Moore holds up her Phi Beta Kappa certificate after the Kent chapter induction ceremony in the spring of 2023.

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