Scoring Home Runs On and Off the Diamond

Honors Student Emily Lippe Gives Insight into Her Life as a Student-Athlete

Emily Lippe, a junior nursing major at Kent State University, has challenged herself athletically and academically since an early age. Having taken advanced courses since she started school and playing softball since she was eight, Emily understands what it takes to have a student-athlete mindset. She employs those skills now more than ever as a student of the Honors College and the Kent State softball team.

Emily verbally committed to play softball for Kent State at the age of 15 - a very young age to decide on a college. However, she says she made the right decision: “This place suits me so well,” she said. As a native of Hartville, Ohio, Kent State is close to home. She also loves the green campus and all the people she has met through the school. 

Emily plays catcher and first base for the softball team. Being involved in almost every single play means Emily must maintain a focused and confident attitude. Off the field, these characteristics still apply. Emily explained that being a nursing student-athlete revolves around responsibility. “Without proper responsibility, sacrifice, and determination, it is very likely that you will not be successful in one thing or the other,” she said. Balancing schoolwork, clinicals, and softball responsibilities requires time management, which Emily says has also taught her the importance of discipline. 

Kent State Honors student and softball player Emily Lippe poses for a photo in her team uniform.

Nursing school alone requires much dedication. When softball is in-season, Emily spends her free time studying for exams. Softball in the spring season is dedicated to attendance at practices, lifts, meetings, and weekend games. However, Emily explained that her key to success in the season is to get all assignments done as soon as possible. Procrastinating on assignments causes a lot of stress, so it is best to finish work quickly. When she has fewer assignments, Emily says that she can enjoy her workouts more. 

Softball has taught Emily a lot about being a student-athlete, but it also takes her to new locations by traveling to away games. The team has at least one away game per week in the spring. That means Emily misses classes and clinicals frequently and must make up work while traveling. Still, she uses the time on the bus or plane to continue studying and making up assignments missed due to softball. While this requires a lot of time management, Emily asserted that her professors are very understanding of her demanding softball schedule and help her work around it. 

Along with her already busy schedule, Emily is enrolled in more difficult classes as part of her Honors College requirements. Though the work is more challenging, Emily says being a student in the Honors College has provided many opportunities. “I feel like the Honors College has pushed me past my expectations for myself and has made me a better student overall,” she stated. “I have had opportunities with different research projects and have been provided many connections for my future.” Emily elaborated that the Honors College ensures that she prioritizes academics as much as athletics, pushing her to be a better student. 

Emily expects to graduate in May of 2024, intending to work in a hospital before becoming a travel nurse. “I am excited to see how this sport and extremely busy lifestyle benefit my future,” Emily said. “I know that I am becoming a better person because of it.”

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PHOTO CAPTION 1: Kent State softball player and Honors College student Emily Lippe at bat during a softball game.

PHOTO CAPTION 2: Kent State Honors student and softball player Emily Lippe poses for a photo in her team uniform.

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