The senior lecturer in The Fashion School has pioneered many opportunities for students
William Perrine, a senior lecturer of fashion design and merchandising in The Fashion School at Kent State University,
has been teaching at the university for fourteen years. He was
William Perrine, 2020 Distinguished Honors Faculty Award recipient
recently announced as the recipient of the 2020 Distinguished Honors Faculty Award. When asked how the environment at Kent State and in the Honors College allows him to thrive as a faculty member, Perrine said that professors receive a great deal of support for the ideas they have and the initiatives they want to implement. Perrine has experienced this support firsthand: he started The Fashion School’s Germany Study Tour, a summer study abroad program offered to fashion students. He says that staff and faculty are more than willing to help out if an individual comes to them with an idea. “I think the support system across campus is really good,” he says.

Perrine says that he loves teaching his honors courses and that he “[looks] forward to them every year.” During the spring 2020 semester, he teaches the honors section of Introduction to Fashion Technology, which is on Mondays. “I just love starting my week with my honors class,” Perrine says. In addition, he also teaches Apparel in the Global Economy, a course that combines honors and non-honors students into one lecture. Perrine says that everyone in the Honors College is supportive, and that the additional course evaluations that honors students complete are also
very helpful to him in his teaching. “I’m just very honored” to be named as the 2020 Distinguished Honors Faculty Award winner, he says.



Photo of William Perrine, senior lecturer of fashion design and merchandising in The Fashion School and 2020 Distinguish Honors Faculty Award recipient.

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