Thesis Proposal Preparation

Students planning to write a Senior Honors Thesis/Project will first be registered for this proposal preparation semester.  It is assumed that at the end of this semester, the student will submit a viable thesis proposal to the dean of the Honors College.  During this semester, the student and their chosen faculty advisor will work together to narrow the thesis topic, develop methodology, craft a polished thesis proposal, and develop a reading list.  The proposal should be approximately two pages long with the reading list attached.

The student must receive permission from the instructor under whose direction the work will be done.  This should be the same instructor who will direct the student's thesis. This form will be submitted to the Honors College for approval by the student's Honors advisor and the Dean of the Honors College.  Once all approvals are granted, the student will be registered for one or two credit hours of HONR40096.  These will be counted among the 6-credit-hours of thesis.  The student will be registered for the remaining 4 credit hours once the thesis proposal is approved by the dean.

Students are encouraged to discuss possible thesis projects with the faculty member as early as possible.  The commitment to direct such work is the sole prerogative of the instructor in the context of his/her department and is in no way mandated by the Honors College.

The student will be required to attend the workshops and meetings as indicated, and update this form when completed.

Forms must be received by the end of the first week of the semester.