Chairperson Review

The Chairperson carries no continuing tenure protection as an administrative officer.   He or she may resign as Chairperson without prejudice to any future role as a full-time regular faculty member of the Department.  The appointment of the Chairperson may be terminated at any time during his or her term of office by action of the Board of Trustees on recommendation of the President.  In order to assist in making a determination, the Dean or other appropriate administrative officer may institute an administrative review of the Chairperson’s performance at any time.  It is further recognized that the Chairperson is also accountable to the faculty of the Department of which he or she is Chairperson.

  1. To accomplish a Departmental faculty assessment of the performance of the Chairperson, the Dean shall institute a performance review during the spring semester of the third year of the Chairperson’s service in a renewable four-year term in office.  The Chairperson may choose to resign without prejudice; in that event, the review shall be canceled.
  2. The Dean shall cause a review committee to be established.
  3. The review committee shall, in accordance with procedure established by the Department and approved by the Dean, assess the performance of the Chairperson.
  4. The review committee shall submit a report of its findings, including recommendations, to the Dean.
  5. If the decision by the Dean is not to reappoint the Chairperson for another four-year term, a new Chairperson will be selected following the process described in the University Policy Register.

All faculty designated as Division Directors within PAS shall undergo periodic reviews of their performance and effectiveness.  When individuals holding Directorships are non-tenured, the review shall be a part of the annual re-appointment process conducted by the Department’s Faculty Advisory Committee.  In those instances where tenured faculty
hold Directorships, they shall be reviewed annually.  The review of tenured Directors shall be conducted by the Faculty Advisory Committee using procedures similar to those outlined for the review of the Chairperson.