Scholarship/Creative Scholarship

i.    While the Department of Pan-African Studies highlights the value 
of undergraduate teaching, service, a candidate for tenure and 
promotion is expected to achieve strong record of research/ 
publication and/or creative scholarship. 
ii.    The Department of Pan-African Studies recognizes that scholarly publications and/or creative scholarship may be realized through 
collaborative projects, joint-authored work, and single-authored 
works. The Department will recognize single-authored, joint-
authored scholarly works/creative scholarship and other
collaborative works/projects in tenure and promotion considerations
iii.    Documented evidence for tenure and promotion of probationary Faculty member shall consist of those scholarly (publications) and/or creative scholarship materials produced since hired at Kent State University, except in cases where a Faculty member is eligible to exercise year (s) of credit granted toward tenure at the initial hiring and clearly stated in the candidate’s offer or appointment letter.