Simplified Performance Review

In accordance with the FTNTT CBA, Article X, Section 8, after nine (9), twelve (12) and fifteen (15) years of consecutive appointments, FTNTT Faculty members shall undergo a simplified performance review. The review will follow the format, procedures and timelines established by the University, as annually distributed through the Office of Faculty Affairs, concluding with the college. 

FTNTT Faculty members will submit to the Chair, a vitae, summaries of student surveys of instruction, if applicable, and a narrative of up to five (5) pages in which the FTNTT Faculty member describes her/his professional activities during the past three (3) years. A FTNTT Faculty member who successfully completes this performance review is eligible for a three (3) year term of annually renewable appointments which is conditional from year to year only upon continued satisfaction with demonstrated performance, continued programmatic and staffing need within the academic unit, and continued budgetary resources supporting the position. 

At the conclusion of the simplified performance review and after consultation with the College Dean, if applicable, the Chair will provide the FTNTT Faculty member with a written summary of its outcome and conclusions and an indication of whether an additional appointment may be anticipated and, if so, under what programmatic, budgetary and/or anticipated staffing or projected enrollment circumstances. FTNTT Faculty members are encouraged to meet with Chair, at the conclusion of a successful review if they would like to discuss any issues and/or concerns about the review process. 

In the event that an additional appointment is not indicated, the Chair will include in the written summary provided to the FTNTT Faculty member an explanation of whether lack of adequate satisfaction with performance or the absence of anticipated continuing programmatic need or budgeted resources to support the position is the reason. 

The FTNTT Faculty member may consult the Chair and, if desired, seek review by the established Faculty Advisory Committee, and by the College Dean or his/her designee, if applicable, as provided for in Article VII, Section 1. of the FTNTT CBA

 An additional appointment immediately subsequent to the completion of the performance review normally is expected to be part of a three-year term of renewable annual appointments, provided that continuing programmatic need and budgeted resources supporting the position can be anticipated for the term in question. 

When a FTNTT Faculty member is approved for a three-year term of annually renewable appointments, and the Chair determines that a subsequent review is needed due to performance concerns, the Chair will include a performance plan and timeline for this subsequent review in the written summary of the review provided to the FTNTT Faculty member as described in the FTNTT CBA, B.1. of Section 8. 

NTT faculty hold appointments at one of the following ranks: Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor.  The academic ranks of Lecturer, Associate Lecturer and Senior lecturer are reserved for members of the bargaining unit who have not earned a terminal degree in their discipline, but whose professional experience and demonstrated performance warrant these ranks.  The academic ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor are reserved for bargaining unit members who have earned the terminal degree in their discipline and whose professional experience and demonstrated performance warrant these ranks.