Data Analysis

Co-PIs Dr. Michael Strickland (Professor and Chair, Physics), Dr. Qiang Guan (Assistant Professor, Computer Science), and Dr. Barry Dunietz (Associate Professor, Chemistry) have received a $500k grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a quantum computing (QC) training program at Kent State University. 

Old Woman Creek: one of the wetlands that is part of H2Ohio Initiative Wetland Monitoring Program. Researchers will assess how effective wetland restoration, construction, and management projects are at removing polluting nutrients from inflowing water.

Lauren Kinsman-Costello, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, will serve as the H2Ohio Wetland Monitoring Program Lead for Lake Erie and Aquatic Research Network (LEARN). The group will assess the effectiveness and future role of implemented and planned wetland restoration projects in partnership with the Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR). This project is part of Governor Mike DeWine’s H2Ohio Initiative, a comprehensive, data-driven approach to improving Ohio’s water quality.