Intercollegiate Athletics

Kent State Football Prepares for 2023 Season

Kent State University is coordinating closely with the University of Central Florida (UCF) ahead of Thursday's season-opening football game between the two schools in Orlando, Florida. As of Tuesday morning, Idalia was a Category 1 hurricane expected to make landfall early Wednesday morning and travel west-to-east across the northern part of the state.

Kent State of Mind: Jake Ferri - Wrestling My Inner Mindset

Jake Ferri of Billerica, Massachusettes struggled with personal pressure, including turning his wrestling matches into life-or-death situations. That was until he decided to free himself, and the change has been dramatic.  

Guard Sincere Carry Drives During Home Basketball Game

National sports writer Mike Lopresti highlights Kent State's marquee matchups with national powerhouses Houston and Gonzaga. While both ended in losses, the Golden Flashes through major scares into two teams hoping to be top seeds in March Madness.

Coaches and Players Stand for the National Anthem

Whether Kent State’s 450 student-athletes are studying or practicing, their safety and health remains the university's top priority.

Kent State men’s basketball players stand in unity with fans of a different race selected from the crowd during the national anthem.

The Kent State's men's basketball student-athletes select fans of all races to stand with them in solidarity during the national anthem.