Mary Rogers

Communication Studies majors are playing vital roles in this year’s Black History Month celebration at Kent State University.

Roslynn Porch, Dairia Harvin, Mary Rogers, Dwain Ross and Olivia Thompson are executive board members of Black United Students (BUS). Founded in 1968, BUS is one of the oldest student organizations on campus.

Porch, BUS president, planned the “Your Black is Beautiful” event, which is scheduled to take place later this month in the Kent Student Center. BUS members will pass out candy attached to notes of encouragement to students.

School of Communication Studies majors Ernie Galgozy, Mary Rogers, Madeline Hartman and Amelia Bell all vary in terms of valuable practice. With experiences in the steel industry, local business, student organization and upper-division courses, these individuals obtain the diverse set of skills looked-for in innovative professionals. This semester they will help to maintain a dynamic website, increase the school’s presence, and assist communication professionals with daily projects.